Titanic Quarter, Belfast (IMG0431)

Titanic Quarter, Belfast

Built in the heartland of Belfast's former shipyard, Titanic Quarter is a large scale waterfront regeneration project. It features historic maritime landmarks, the Titanic Studios where Tom Hanks 'City of Embers' was filmed and more recently is the main studio where HBO's acclaimed tv series 'Game of Thrones' is filmed.

The largest and most iconic building here is Titanic Belfast, the worlds largest Titanic Museum. The £97M attraction welcomes 800,000 visitors a year. Architecturally it's outstanding, it captures the spirit of the shipyards and is clad in 3000 silver shards which glisten in the sunlight and make it also appear like a giant iceberg. Walking underneath it you get a sense of scale of the mighty ship as it stands at 38m tall, the same height as Titanic's hull. Outside the outlines of the Titanic and her sister ship the Olympic are shown full size. Nearby is the SS Nomadic, White Star Lines only remaining ship which ferried passengers to the Titanic when it was moored off shore.

We also see the iconic cranes of Harland and Wolff named Samson and Goliath. Shipbuilding has long been in decline here but the shipyard now carries out more work in engineering, ship repair, bridge construction and oil rig repairs
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Ballintoy Sea Stacks (IMG0426)

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